Our Mission:


We're empowering the youth of Buenaventura, Colombia to reclaim their lives and ascend to become leaders in their communities.


Our Impact

In August of 2015, we travelled to Buenaventura with the goal of partnering with local youth soccer programs and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the community. Over the past 3 years we've been able to accomplish great things for the youth, but the work is far from finished.


Children impacted

We've partnered with America Pacifico (Internacional de Buenaventura) to provide resources to their youth members.



Years Serving communities

Although our main objective is to help the youth of Buenaventura, just as important, we've made it a goal to help the youth in our immediate community here in the U.S. 



Thousands of dollars raised

From various fundraisers, soccer tournaments and  donations we've been able to raise over 3000 dollars for the youth!

A Needs Assessment was completed by 241 families in Buenaventura, Colombia. According to our findings, the average monthly salary for families is $557,000 pesos ($184 U.S. dollars) with the National Minimum wage of Colombia is $781,000 pesos monthly. Most families are making roughly $500,000 pesos with the lowest monthly income reported at $150,000 pesos. Some families reported having no fixed income at all. The average number of adults in each household is three, with an average of two children per household and one working adult. An average of 50% of children in each household have good grades (As/Bs) in school and those same 50% of children are involved in an extracurricular activity (soccer and dance).

The top priority need for most families is food followed by community and extracurricular resources for their children to be involved in. Another top priority for these families was having means of transportation for school and extracurricular activities.

Top concerns for families is their children will fall into:

  • Criminal Activity (92%)

  • Drugs and/or alcohol (98%)

  • Victimization of violence or abuse (66%)

  • Dropping out of school (56%)

Most families want their child/children to attend college/university (98%). However 90% state they don’t have the finances, 47% are concerned for their child’s grades, and 39% say their child are not motivated.

Ninety-eight percent of families would like for their child to participate in a soccer program. However 88% state they do not have the funds to pay for it. Most families, however, state that having their child participate in a soccer program:

  • Increases their overall wellness (98%)

  • Increases their motivation to get good grades in school (93%)

  • Increases their level of responsibility and determination (92%)

  • Increases their level of self-confidence (86%)

  • Decreases negative peer-pressure (81%)

  • Increases positive peer-pressure (84%)



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Annual Bonaverense Soccer Tournament

Join us at our annual Bonaverense Co-Ed Soccer Tournament! The goal of this event is to raise awareness on Bonaverense's mission and provide resources to the community of Buenaventura in Colombia. We're working hard to make sure this is our best one and so you don't want to miss out!


July 2018

We are thrilled with the revamp and new direction of Bonaverense!

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