About Us

Bonaverense: a person from Buenaventura, Colombia. A name indicating you are from a beautiful city in the Pacific Coast; from a culture with amazing food, music, and most importantly, hope.

It is also a name many have left forgotten.

In 2014, Bonaverense was founded to revive the name.  A group of people with deep roots in Colombia, decided that they were no longer willing to accept that this was reality of Buenaventura. Although many miles away, they continued to feel the consequences of this war and violence as they spoke to family members and friends that shared their unimaginable stories. The founders of Bonaverense, Jor Arcila and Adryanne Rozo, decided to take a different approach and build on the communities strengths; the children.


Que quiere que cambie

 en Buenaventura?


What would you like to see change in Buenaventura?



"La violencia y la paz. Que no haiga guerra. No haiga problemas o robos..."

"The violence and peace. For there to be no wars. No problems or thefts..."

— Alberto, Youth Soccer Player (11 years old)


The internal war in Buenaventura over drugs and control has plagued the city and its inhabitants for decades, making it one of Colombia’s most dangerous cities. Rival gangs have overtaken the city resulting in violence becoming the norm for this community. People are forced to conform to the demands of the gangs as a means of survival or accept that they their lives might be taken.

The violence suppresses the children’s overall development and growth in many ways. When interviewed, most children in Buenaventura ask for peace in their communities and the ability to do things that will make them happy.   

Our Mission

Bonaverense will strive to guide the youth of Buenaventura, Colombia away from violence and crime.  The youth will reclaim the power to their lives and create a shift in mentality for the future of Buenaventura and its people. Our mission is to provide opportunities to mentor youth by enhancing accessibility to soccer and other enriching activities in order to create a healthy environment for youth away from violence.